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P-Town History Prowl: An Immersive, Virtual Black History Quest

P-Town History Prowl is up and out!
Take a journey through aspects of the Black American experience via an interactive exploration of Portsmouth's rich legacies of Black history and heritage! Celebrate the vibrant narratives of culture, community, and collective experience that continue to shape the identity of the city, state and beyond.

Presented by the African American Historical Society of Portsmouth with the support of our project partners at the Portsmouth Public Library & Department of Museums & Tourism the following clue sites launched this morning (with markers installed at the local sites).

  • Shifting Borders: Clue Site = Public Library (Teen Room)

  • First Sundays: Clue Site = Historical Marker for Emanuel AME Church (Intersections of Green & North St.)

  • Of War and Worship: Clue Sites = 1-Court Street Baptist Church Historical Marker (Intersection of Court St & Queen St.) 2-( Intersections of Effingham & County St.)

  • Sink or Seige: Clue Sites = Norfolk Naval Shipyard Museum/Portsmouth Information Kiosk (Water St. & High St.) + Gosport Park **To be marked in phase 2**

  • Appreciation Post: Clue Sites = Norfolk Naval Shipyard Museum/Portsmouth Information Kiosk (Water St. & High St.) + Medal Of Honor Monument (Ferry Dock) **To be marked in phase 2**

  • Old School vs New School: Clue SItes = I.C. Norcom Historical Marker (London Blvd. & Ruth Brown Way) + Bottleworks Factory [Former High Street School Building] (915 High Street) **To be marked in phase 2** 

  • Bury Me a Legend: Clue Site = Mt. Calvary Cemetery Complex (Front Gate near Historical Marker)

You will need to download the GOOSECHASE APP

1. Download the Goosechase app
2. Enter the unique JOIN CODE = 1GLBWD

Once you're in, it's go time! Complete Missions, get creative, earn points, compete for the top spot, or just enjoy the submissions on the activity feed. The chase is as wild and wonderful as you make it.

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